The image shows a deity named Kaalghatta Hanumappa or Hanumatharayappa. Besides this deity’s statue there is another deity’s statue, named Kaalaghatta Kariyamma. The lower region of this area is Kaalaghatta, upper region is called Melaghatta

and the total region is called Kalghatta or Kaalghatta. This is very primitive site of Hampi.

See more: Video for Kaalghatta Hanumappa (25 sec)

Kaalghatta surrounding places:

1) Havinaha Harivu: Havinaha harivu video (00:18 sec)
2) Bhalehaakuva Bande: Bhlaehaakuva bande video (00:13 sec)
3) Smashanada Maduvu: Smashanada Maduvu video (00:23 sec)
4) Devara Maduvu: Devara Maduvu video (00:18 sec)

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