Dasara of Dharamaragudda – the hill of Gods

Dharamaragudda [       Devaragudda is situated near Ranebennur in Haveri district, Karnataka State, India.  Devaragudda  is well known in North Karnataka for the Mailaralinga temple on top of the hill. The temple attracts many devotees from several parts of the state. Mailaralinga is the patron deity of warrior, farming, herding communities. The Mailaralinga […]

Village Dasara

Village Dasara Gramdevatas             Festivals and celebrations play an important role in the Indian culture and it’s heritage. Most Indian festivals have it’s roots in religious disciplines imprinting social and cultural heritage.Pastorals and farmers along with their deities on the bank of Tungabhadra river Pastorals and farmers along with their […]

Naada Habba Mysooru Dasara

  Chamuneshwari temple and Mysooru palace         The divine mother Chamundeshwari would be worshiped on all these nine days of Navaratri in her different forms as believed in the Hindu tradition. On the first day, the king, after having a ceremonial bath, would perform purificatory rites. He would then worship his family […]

Girija Virupaksha Kalyana utsava

  We have been doing projects and programs about “Girija Kalyana” the Story. Is about the wedding of the most popular mythical character Shiva and his cosmic mate Parvathi who is known by the name Girija, as she is the daughter of King Giriraja according to this story cited from Shiva Purana. Girija Virupaksha Kalyana  […]

Hampi Rathotsava

Hampi Rathotsava or annual fair The day after the Kalyanotsava fair, is called “Rathotsava”, and the significance of this event is that, the newly wed couple is carried out in the Main temple cart, into the “Raja Beedi” or main street. Veerupaksha temple and Hampi-hunnime         On the day of Kalyana, Himavanta’s […]